Blue Valley
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The Gates to Sikri
Travellers from all over the land will journey to this spot in a tradition-
both for trade and for religious purposes. This ancient coral structure has been hollowed out, allowing for many factions to live and barter inside.

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The Guardians of Sikri exist as bird statues to their god, which takes the form of an Ibis. These giant statues have horns inside that sound when important diplomats or enemies approach.

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A simple Blue Valley home, using a windmill for power.

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Venturing into the Coral Matrix

Finnian macmanus finnian macmanus coral highway

The coral highway is a vast network of roads and tunnels that exist inside the coral matrix in Blue Valley. Through these tunnels, many families and caravans travel to various settlements and destinations all throughout the valley.

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Another Blue Valley home, this one doubles as an aviary. When possible, residents try to help out local wildlife by giving it shelter or food.

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The Chasm- center of the Coral Matrix. The main character journeys down through the vast connections of coral to reach this abandoned dwelling, possibly the source of the formations that spread throughout the land.

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A collaborative panorama of Blue Valley using work from Kevin Jick and Jonathan Powell

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Transition area to the Burning Lakes, the next major zone.

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Incense Burner

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Guardian of the Valley

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Blue Valley

This is my work from a collaborative project with Jonathan Powell, Kevin Jick and Alec Bickelhaupt.
Blue Valley is the first of four zones we are designing- an area inspired by coral formations. The planet was once peaceful but has been targeted as a colonization spot by humans, rupturing the peace that once existed. In an area to the East of Blue Valley, war has broken out, utterly destroying the beautiful land that once existed there. The citizens of the valley hold a meeting at Sikri, a sort of capital of their area, to find out how they can combat the deadly force that is approaching them.

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