Relic of the Seven Dawns

More worldbuilding commissioned by SevenLions - Was fun contributing some lore to the world!
Both interiors sculpted in Medium, rendered in Octane and then painted over. You can find the process videos for the interiors below.
Sequel images to :

Finnian macmanus comp3 adjustedfmg

Relic of the Seven Dawns- Shrine Chamber

Finnian macmanus composition 04 final fm v2

Relic of the Seven Dawns - Syphoning

Finnian macmanus finalprop1

Prop designs - for these I was thinking different religious/holy items, inspired off of this culture's mythical beliefs

Finnian macmanus finalprop2

Individual shrines devoted to separate deities .
Mitsara of the Flower
Bel the Grave Tender
Atheon the Wise

Finnian macmanus composition sketches fm2

First round of thumbnails on the top with the original red temple design, and below the second round with expanded and more of a white/yellow temple interior

Finnian macmanus int 1 gray

Some other options for views, gray renders of the scenes.

Interior 1 Process

Interior 2 Process