The growing of any structure is a very important ceremony in the Blue Valley - As each piece of architecture is living and unique, the process for growing a functional building has become a somewhat spiritual task.

Guiding local small deities into the structure, plant weavers will assemble many seeds to begin their art. As each portion of the building is completed, like a construction worker, the weavers attach and grow new rooms and spaces to the ever changing landscape.

Part of a series on Blue Valley! You can see the original project here:

Finnian macmanus muvala

Muvala means Watchtower in the Blue Valley dialect. Watchtowers are grown by mixing several types of seeds together in soil on the border with Burning Lakes.

Finnian macmanus muvala seed

To start the growth of a structure, several plant weavers confer and attempt to guide powers into the architecture seed.

Finnian macmanus growth 1

Depending on the seeds used, the structure will grow spires, large interior rooms, bedrooms etc.

Finnian macmanus untitled 2

Process in Photoshop