Sketches IV

Just another drop of sketches! Some from earlier this year, and a few older ones that I never uploaded.
All done in Photoshop, top three were studies, and the others were made up !

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Based on a group of photos I took in Capri

Finnian macmanus untitled 1dsa
Finnian macmanus 28516617 10215725362109668 176633292923090864 o

Based on a temple square when I visited India

Finnian macmanus 18491417 10212987724670443 4046146025116486219 o
Finnian macmanus finnian macmanus s9

From my twitch stream a while back, a sort of organic museum / airport interior

Finnian macmanus finnian macmanus s5434
Finnian macmanus 23632580 10214744594231084 5571448347580042139 o

Demo before CTN