Class Demos 01

Demos from my Brainstorm and mentorship class in early 2018
This class was Worldbuilding 3- focusing on process and design for the videogame industry !
Had a fantastic fun time this year.. other than these paintings, every day I painted over student's homework. Looking forward to the next time I can teach!

Finnian macmanus bvannra

Market of Bvanra , a piece I touched up after term

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Designing callouts is a big part of any game design studio- for this image I was showing how you can take the style of one of your paintings, extract elements and integrate it into a separate callout.

Finnian macmanus classdemo finalgif

Process for my main image Bvanra

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Finnian macmanus colordemo
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Finnian macmanus untitled 3
Finnian macmanus livdemo
Finnian macmanus untitled 1