A take on a research vessel on a alien recently colonized world. The grasshopper is a durable and versatile research vehicle capable of surveying alien phenomena with efficient data gathering software. I put together some shots of the vehicle going through several landscapes on this planet.
The base sculpt was created in Medium for the vehicle, architecture and landscape. Rendered in Octane and then painted over.

Finnian macmanus untitled 1

Operators checking and concluding diagnostics on the Grasshopper. Main technician says mission is go.

Finnian macmanus grasshopper final 02
Finnian macmanus grasshopper final 03

Entering the alien landscape

Finnian macmanus untitled 1

Exploring crashed ship debris

Finnian macmanus grasshopper final 05
Finnian macmanus gifprcoessfmacmanus

Process GIF of final image. Base render in Octane and C4D.

Finnian macmanus untitled 1

Initial sketches made in Oculus Medium

Finnian macmanus mode lfinal

Final model in Medium, rendered in Octane