Forest Callouts

My work (or preparation) for the forest zone in the collaborative project with Jonathan Powell, Kevin Jick, and Alec Bickelhaupt.
This set is more of a planning rather than full on illustrations of the zone- trying to see what will be the correct look and mood for the area.
Color palettes and callouts are set up to go a bit further with the design, however this area will be put on hold for a few months (at least my work on it) while we start designing the fourth area.

Finnian macmanus 5

Color key taking into account the previous two zones, finding out what would work best

Finnian macmanus untitled 2
Finnian macmanus untitled 4
Finnian macmanus untitled 3
Finnian macmanus 3
Finnian macmanus 1
Finnian macmanus 2
Finnian macmanus 4