Sostora Workshop

This scene was created for/at a workshop at the Inland Empire Art Institute, as part of a presentation showing my process when it comes to sculpting, painting and design. Overall the scene was inspired by the Malayan tree frog- I was trying to show how form language can influence a project, and my methods for fleshing out a design quickly.
The main design was sculpted in Oculus Medium VR (I have included the video above, sped up), then rendered in Cinema 4D and Octane. A paintover was done at the workshop, with some touchup later on. Was overall really fun, and thank you to Thomas Brillante for the opportunity &my friend Pablo Dominguez for his critique towards the end :)

Finnian macmanus sostara final

The final image. I chose this shot to render and then paintover because it could convey enough information about the living conditions and culture, while showing the full design at eye level.

Finnian macmanus comps01

Initial sketches to inform VR Sculpt- none of these were final, but they were used as reference for my VR sculpt.

Finnian macmanus gif

Process for top two sketches.

Finnian macmanus render1

Extra establishing shot, unused. No postwork- these were rendered in Octane. I like to set up a few different angles before choosing a final shot to paintover, to find the shot that will convey the most information.

Finnian macmanus render2
Finnian macmanus render3

Here is the VR process, in Oculus Medium. I usually have a lot of reference laid out, which is one of my favorite uses of the program. All of the meshes I used to sculpt are available within Medium. but I definitely make use of importing my own as well.

Finnian macmanus 1

Sketches showing structures, and a villager feeding one of the captive frogs.

Finnian macmanus 2

Sketches for the plantlife around the area, along with reference. The second option was chosen for the scene.

Finnian macmanus 26952025 10215286642061941 8381236494675622707 o

Thought it would be fun to sculpt one of the houses, this is for a small sized family. Oculus Medium and Octane for render.