Hyper Tunnel

Designs for the Hyper Tunnel in Luithica (Blue Valley project)
The Hyper Tunnel is a transportation system that was implemented for the powerful residents of Luithica. Using magnetization, the hyper tunnel accelerates vehicles to top speeds, bringing the residents to other cities and hubs faster than they could ever dream of before.

Included are some process and callouts for other structures in the city.

Finnian macmanus 1

Hyper Tunnel main design

Finnian macmanus 4

Power core room, one exists in each tower on the tunnel's exterior

Finnian macmanus 3

Callouts for Luithica structures

Finnian macmanus 32

Initial BnWs

Finnian macmanus development

Color development for the Hyper Tunnel

Finnian macmanus untitled 4

Concept sketches