To Become a God

"Journeying into the deep forgotten undergrowth of the forest, the explorers happen upon their quarry at last. The Great Altar and portal to the next realm; the center of the once magnificent empire, brought down by greed, on a quest to become gods. Those who carry the rod of sunlight are said to activate the door to the next world, granting ascension to a higher plane of reality."

The top image is the latest cover for Firestarter community magazine, which you can find at many of the community concept events globally!

The altar textures are inspired by the gold patterns of Gustav Klimt- most of this scene was sculpted in VR using Oculus Medium.

Finnian macmanus finalfirestarter lowres x


Finnian macmanus finbalshot2


Finnian macmanus finalshot3


Finnian macmanus 3dscenefirestarterv3 closeup3 final

The New Realm (work in progress, will update tomorrow!)

Finnian macmanus 2

Market sketches to determine concepts, colored in Photoshop

Finnian macmanus 3
Finnian macmanus animafinaltionsaved

The Great Altar- sculpted in Oculus Medium

Finnian macmanus animatio2enopt

The Portal - Sculpted in Oculus Medium

Finnian macmanus animadsation

Vegetation made in Speedtree

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