Inflatable Dump Truck 02B

First keyframe for the inflatable dump truck, next one coming soon to show it's function when it's fully loaded!
Was really fun to sculpt this.. Oculus Medium was used for most of the sculpting, then was taken into Cinema for final sculpt and rendered in Octane. Wheels done in 3D Coat, and a paintover in Photoshop. Many more vehicles in the works, hoping to share soon!
Thanks to John Frye, Step Zavala and James Chung for advice during the conception phase.

Finnian macmanus untitled 1

Final keyframe showing the IDT02B after unload at the processing facility. Staffing up for next mission.

Finnian macmanus initial mood

Initial mood and block in. While this mood is more powerful than the final, I decided to reserve this palette for a later shot in this series, so that the scene progression can start in the morning and end at night.

Finnian macmanus wheel

Wheel design before adding treads - Sculpted in 3D-Coat with radial symmetry, based of airless tire designs for going over rough terrain.

Finnian macmanus sketch01

Initial block in with Oculus Medium. Taking thumbnail design and simplifying the concept.

Finnian macmanus sketch02

Refining in Oculus Medium. VR is a very immersive way to sculpt and has been a part of my process for several months now, as it really puts you in the scene. The proportions here for the cockpit changed a lot in the final design.

Finnian macmanus thumbs

Initial thumbnails for the vehicle designs. Many of these are being developed into finals currently.