SSE Spicer

A project made in spare time, I love doing sequences and worldbuilding so spent some time with the new gravity sketch update to do these.
Exploring a Spicer vessel as it travels and picks up cargo atop a very regimented planet.
All main assets created in Gravity Sketch, landscapes and clouds in Cinema 4D and Octane - Last few environments are made with Oculus Medium, along with a short 30 min tutorial showing the creation of the Medium assets.

Finnian macmanus nebula v

Flying over Delpha CT1

Finnian macmanus yellow

Vebana Spice co , Defunct

Finnian macmanus spicerc12

SSE Spicer

Finnian macmanus untitled 2

Approach to Vebana

Finnian macmanus landappro2

Approach to Vebana II

Finnian macmanus closeland1

Landing, Cargo on route

Finnian macmanus docks

Docks- Cargo obtained

Finnian macmanus finalwide

Approaching the Maw

Finnian macmanus finalwide2

Above the Maw

Finnian macmanus thumbs1

Initial thumbnails for environment inspiration

Finnian macmanus calloutsfinal

Callouts based on thumbnails

Callout demo in Oculus Medium (with sound)

Finnian macmanus ezgif 2 dfb15b79cds

Spicer ship modeled in Gravity Sketch

Finnian macmanus turnaround

Modeled in Gravity Sketch, displacement in Octane

Finnian macmanus turnaroundx2

Vebana modeled in Gravity Sketch