Burning Lakes

This is my work from a collaborative project with Jonathan Powell, Kevin Jick and Alec Bickelhaupt.
Burning Lakes is the second zone that our character ventures through.
In order to reach the human colony (called The Capitol) , our character has to journey across the desert.
Some say the Burning Lakes was caused by an all out war that took place on the planet when humans first moved in to colonize.
The area itself has a circular shape akin to a crater, and is filled with toxic gasses and acid pools. The only settlements are made by bandit tribes that constantly compete for stable land.
We join the Blue Valley citizens as they make their way towards the bandit king- asking for safe passage through Burning Lakes.

Finnian macmanus 21

"The Brothers" These lion statues are relics from a forgotten era, now claimed and fortified by a local bandit tribe seeking refuge from the harsh surrounding environment.

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"Traversing the Lost Corridor" The Blue Valley residents approach the Bandit's lair, hoping to negotiate peace and travel throughout their lands.

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A callout structure of how the bandits survive in Burning Lakes. The acid pools eat away at the structure constantly, forcing the bandits to rebuild in a chaotic fassion. The toxic gas also needs to be regulated away from reaching the tower tops.

Finnian macmanus highvisdes

Early ideation for a bandit camp made of bone structures

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Process, continued below

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