INROAD Trencher

As soon as it was fully developed, the Rayex Inroad trencher system was already being built and used by many construction conglomerates worldwide- With a global need for a larger vertical trenching system, this massive vehicle was wildly celebrated especially when used in combination with a fleet of IDTs. (Inflatable Dump Trucks)
Want to add a note that I know this would not be practical in real life- but was a really fun concept to play with!

Sketch and final sculpt in Oculus Medium, rendered with Cinema 4D Octane, and painted over in PS. Had a lot of fun with this one!

Finnian macmanus b1fmacmanus
Finnian macmanus sd2
Finnian macmanus planfm

Original thumbnail and model blockin, created in Oculus Medium. Model was further refined in Medium before the final painting, with the biggest change being the cockpit/control area.

Finnian macmanus untitled 2

Small basic structures to populate the scene- These could be storage areas and worker habitats in the construction zone.

Finnian macmanus twr1ab

Towers created in Oculus Medium- These mark the border of the main cityscape.